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Who We Are and What We Do

With over $1 billion in B2B Payments processed to date, CoreChain Technologies is the only trust network built for scale and security on enterprise Blockchain.

Our trust network streamlines B2B payments and unlocks working capital through supply chain financing. Using distributed ledger technology, we help suppliers unlock working capital tied up in approved but unpaid invoices.

We're Thinking Big

CoreChain is setting out to disrupt the massive North American B2B payments market which exceeds $40 trillion per year. While we think big, work hard, and innovate constantly, we’ll need your help.

Partner Driven

Partners are essential to our growth. Everything we do is about making our solutions valuable and easy-button easy for customers and partners. Our blockchain payments network is designed to fit seamlessly into their existing ERPs, accounting systems, financial institutions, and online marketplaces.

We believe that customers should be able to access payments and financing services within existing screens, workflows, and processes regardless of what “version” they’re on.

We take a white-label approach and deliver white-glove service that focuses on our partners success, while empowering their customers with modern digital payments embedded within their current ERP or payments solution.

Partner Success is Our Success

CoreChain was launched with a partner-friendly business model that generates revenue via SaaS and transaction fees for B2B payments and financing. We share revenues from payment transactions and supply chain financing with our channel partners. So, as your customers grow, you’ll grow too. See how CoreChain partner Scanco has implemented our solution.

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