A Bold New World of Digital Payments and Embedded Supply Chain Finance, Built on Blockchain

B2B Payments:

The CoreChain Network enables simple and secure digital B2B payments between buyers and their suppliers, leveraging enterprise Blockchain DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to help companies operate more efficiently. By transitioning companies away from inefficient legacy “paper check” based solutions to a modern digital payments tech stack, CoreChain is simplifying business procedures and helping companies boost profits through automation. CoreChain performs all of the key elements of an integrated payables solution, and more:

  • Identity Management
  • Trust Authority
  • Funds/Value transfer
  • Buyer Directory/Supplier Directory
  • Gateway Services/Bank Integrations
  • Digital Payment Types: ACH, eChecks, Virtual Card, Stablecoins / CBDCs
  • Asset backed security tokens / State Documents


Digital B2B Payments Network

Embedded Supply Chain Finance to Optimize Cash Flow

New Revenue Streams for Partners

White Label Platform & Concierge Implementation

Digital Payments between Buyers & Suppliers

Integrated AP:

The CoreChain Network enables simple and secure digital B2B payments for any buyer/supplier network, offering a broad choice of digital payments solutions – ACH, eChecks, Virtual Card, as well as Digital Assets such as Stablecoins. This menu of payment options ensures the CoreChain Network can be leveraged for all partners and customers, regardless of their preferred payment type. By offering multiple payment options on a single platform, CoreChain ensures its customers need only one payments integration - instead of worrying about managing a variety of disparate payments solutions.

  • ACH
  • eChecks
  • Virtual Card
  • Stablecoin
  • Gateway Services
  • Bank Integrations

Supply Chain Finance: Instant Pay

The CoreChain Network integrates an easy to use “instant pay” solution for suppliers that want to accelerate payment on their invoices. CoreChain’s embedded Supply Chain Finance allows for companies to optimize their working capital. CoreChain offers seamless integrations with ERP systems, systems of record, buyers, suppliers, and key banking partners.

  • Instant Pay at competitive financing rates
  • Accelerate payment on invoices
  • Optimize cash flow
  • Seamless integrations


CoreChain makes it efficient for Buyers to pay Suppliers, eliminating back-office expenses

Digital Assets

The CoreChain Network leverages enterprise Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptography to deliver secure and efficient B2B payments. While most companies in North America today transact in real USD (which is fully supported by the CoreChain Network and platform), transactions in digital assets are natively enabled on the CoreChain Network.

The future of B2B payments will include the use of tokenized digital money – fiat-backed digital stablecoins and central bank digital currencies – and CoreChain is enabling its partners and customers to settle funds via this efficient and secure capability. CoreChain also tokenizes important state documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and payment remittance, to ensure a simple, secure, and immutable source of truth on any commerce transaction.

  • Tokenized State Documents
  • Stablecoins
  • Smart Contracts